Is This Site For You?

This is a site for small business owners who rely on repeat business from their clients, whether online, offline, or both.  I’ve worked with business owners in fields as diverse as internet information marketers, physiotherapists, yoga instructors, restaurants, membership site owners, chiropractic clinics, martial arts studios, real estate agents, and many others.

What they have in common is that they are real people who rely on repeat business, referrals, and relationships with their client base to make their livings.  By learning how to make small changes that serve their clients better, they were able to see fantastic gains in their net profits, client engagement and satisfaction, and their own happiness and fulfillment.

This site isn’t for large corporate giants (though they would probably benefit from putting some of these practices into place).  It’s not for most retailers, especially if it’s a price driven retail model.  It’s aimed directly at small business owners who make their living through repeat business from satified clients. That describes many businesses, but certainly not all.

This is a site born out of frustration.  There are more resources than ever aimed at small business owners, but by an overwhelming majority, most of those resources are useless.

Why this site?

This site was born out of frustration with the low quality of information being sold to business owners.  It’s often useless, sometimes harmful, and almost never actionable.  Everybody claims that they’ve got the real secrets to success, but if you’re in my target audience, you know that’s usually a load of bull. There are no mystical secrets, and certainly no “one size fits all” solutions that will magically turn your business from a failing entity into a million dollar a year superstar.

What does exist, and what you’ll find here, are the small hinges that swing big doors.  The shifts in overall strategy and tactical ideas that can help you connect more effectively with your clients, charge the fees that you’re worth, reduce your attrition (and  hence your reliance on new client flow), and make it easier for you to get where you want to be.  Nothing in this life is magic, of course, but there are optimal paths – the goal of this site is to help you find some of those optimal paths in your business to start getting better results.